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May 4, 2023

A Creative Collaboration with Sander Gee

For the last couple of months, Cédric has been in touch with creative designer Sander Gee a lot. They collaborated on creating merchandise, influenced by Cédric’s personal work and preferences. We talked to Sander about the evolution of the collaboration.

How it started...

“Actually, I think Cédric found me on Instagram, as I was the head designer for Elite Athletes”, Sander starts off. “We both appreciate each others work and dedication for the creative field. We started talking and Cédric asked if I was down to create a small personal collection for his wardrobe. Funny thing is, we still haven’t met in person because I live in London and we met virtually. Cédric had a clear vision and moodboard for his collection, so that spoke to me right away. That’s how we kicked things off."

"Positive energy is everything so if we’re not a perfect fit, it’s better to say no."

So how do things progress after that first meeting?

“Well, after the informal call to explore the energy, I try to understand the project goals and if I’m the right fit for them. We then take a look at the different design routes, which have to be signed off by the client before we start the design process and keep in touch until the project is finished. A decade ago, I would’ve taken on any client, but learning from the past, I don’t do that anymore. To me, positive energy is everything so if we’re not a perfect fit, it’s better to say no to the project. The good fit with Cédric was obvious from the beginning.”

About Sander

Sander has been running his own company for over a decade now. He worked together with world-renowned companies in many different ways from working with Burberry to designing the entire installation for BMW’s collaboration with Tomorrowland. But even though he works with big names, he still gets a huge amount of satisfaction from people who are about to start their own business or take it to a new level. Of course we’re more than pleased Sander decided to work with us on this project!


Written by Benoit Denoulet.